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Girls & Boys Rec Classes (Ages 6 & up)

6 & Up

Girls with no prior gymnastics experience will begin in our Level 1A class. They will learn basic gymnastics skills on all apparatus, body positions and gymnastics terminology. They will also gain strength and body awareness. 


This class is for girls with prior gymnastics experience. At this level, they will continue working on their gymnastics skills on all apparatus. Prior to this level they need to have mastered a forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, pull-over on bars and walking across the high beam.



This class is for girls with prior gymnastics experience. This level has already mastered basic gymnastics skills and will progress to learning intermediate level skills. Some of the skills: round-off, bridge kickovers, front limbers, back hip circles, and mil-circles on the bars.


Intermediate and Advanced

This class is for girls with prior gymnastics experience. This is the intermediate level where they will learn back walkovers, back handsprings on mats or trampoline, glides on bars and shoot-thrus. 
*This level can be a competitive level.


This class is for girls who have formerly been on the X Team.


 Boys Rec
*Boys 5-7
*Boys 7 & Up
*Boys 9 & Up
*Strenth & Crosstraining

These classes is to introduce the Men’s events and start working on basic positions. Repetition and stations will be the main focus to develop memory and kinesthetic awareness. There will be a class competition for these boys to showcase routines that they will work on in class sequencing skills.

Strength and Cross training class- This class is designed to use gymnastics and conditioning to build strength for all other sports. The class will be broken into three sections leg strength/running drills, stretching, and upper body/core strength. This will be accomplished through circuits and station training. The first and last class will have testing to measure each athlete’s progress.

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